Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine

Oncology – Personalized Medicine

In parallel to advances in the understanding of genetic inter-individual cancer susceptibility, major discoveries have been made in studying the genetics of tumors.

New medicines are available on the market for cancer treatment, the efficacy of which depends on those tumor genetic characteristics. Performing those tests implies an efficient collaboration between pathologists to optimally prepare tumor tissue samples and ensuring the diagnosis in molecular biology. At BARC, pathologists and PhDs work under the same roof and collaborate every day to provide patients and physicians with the best medical service.


Tumor related predictive tests

  • HER2/Neu
  • KRAS
  • BRAF
  • EGFR
  • ALK
  • cKIT
  • ...

Host related predictive tests

  • IL28B
  • IP10
  • UGT1A1
  • HLA B*5701
  • m.1555A >G mutation
  • ...