Oncology – Broad Fields of Expertise

At BARC, experts in all therapeutic areas and all medical specialties operate as one, often under the same roof. This provides unmet synergy capabilities when it comes to interacting with our customers during the design of a study or proposing protocol refinements.  

Our KOLs also work for the medical laboratories of the Cerba European Lab group and consult with leading hospitals, thus providing our pharmaceutical clients with  relevant knowledge in how clinical routine is performed in oncology. They can provide a useful insight when it comes to the design of a new companion diagnostic or a new treatment protocol and are available for consultancy.

Next, BARC expert clinical pathologists and histopathologists help in interpreting test results in a context where various disciplines are required: endocrinology, infectious diseases and genetics. 

Finally, one of the founding members of the Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Hematology is part of our team.