Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

BARC offers pharmaceutical and biotech companies a broad range of tests in virology, bacteriology and parasitology.

The latest techniques are used in the laboratory for screening, confirmation and assessment of infectious diseases, but also all related tests for both host and disease-related genetic testing.

Over the past 25 years, BARC Global Central Laboratory has become a leader in virology testing and vaccine clinical trials. Current studies include late-stage global influenza trials utilizing a proprietary viral culture algorithm developed in-house which culminates in sequencing of positive cultures. Molecular diagnostic capabilities include qualitative & quantitative assays. Qualitative & quantitative cultures are performed on virus specific cell lines.

BARC offers all techniques required for optimal detection, quantification and characterization of pathogens:

  • Serology
  • Western blot confirmation
  • Culture and quantification
  • PCR-based techniques for pathogens detections and viral load measurement
  • Mass spectrometry-based techniques for bacterial identification