Diabetes & Endocrinology

Diabetes & Endocrinology

The diagnosis and follow up of endocrine diseases require coverage of numerous laboratory parameters using relevant methods to assess circulating serum marker levels and their specificities.

Our specialized endocrinology department offers a very extensive range of hormone assays from the most frequently requested to some of the rarest.

Over 140 tests cover the complexity of endocrine gland regulation: assays of precursors; pharmacologic tests; proximal and distal investigation; dynamic tests.

Precise diagnoses are available in many different fields such as hypertension, adrenal disease and diabetes mellitus.


As the fastest-growing therapeutic area, diabetes is a major health problem and therefore an important field of research for pharma companies. Beyond classical assays, BARC offers all auto-antibodies necessary for diabetes assessment, classification and follow-up (insulin Abs, islet cells Ab, IA2 Abs, GAD Abs). All our labs around the globe are NGSP-level 1 certified.