BARC Worldwide Logistics

BARC Worldwide Logistics

Illustration Worldwide Logistics

BARC’s strategic locations near main courier hubs guarantee rapid delivery of the samples from any part of the world. Sites can be serviced within 24-48 hours, including Saturday and Sunday deliveries.

Our logistic team has online access to courier services for tracking of samples during transit. 

Our extensive research and regular surveys on site operations has led us to develop a variety of customized products. These range from compact, foldable packaging and shipping supplies compliant with IATA regulations to solutions for frozen shipments without dry ice. All forms and documents are customized and preprinted and are trial specific. BARC also provides sites with requisition forms containing integrated labels for easy tracking of samples. Our instructional material is renowned for its clear layout and easy-to-read pictograms. Leaflets in the native languages of the site staff optimize performance of sampling and handling. 

All kits are built in-house on all major continents. User friendliness is paramount, sites are automatically notified to re-order supplies or are informed when expiry dates are approaching to ensure kits are always available and ready to be used.