Illustration Virology

Over the past 25 years, BARC Global Central Laboratory has become a leader in virology testing and vaccine clinical trials.

Current studies include late-stage global influenza and H1N1 trials, utilizing a proprietary viral culture algorithm developed at BARC which culminates in sequencing of positive cultures. Molecular diagnostics capability includes qualitative & quantitative assays. Qualitative & quantitative cultures are done on virus specific cell lines.

  • Culture (qualitative & quantitative) and PCR-based technique
  • Hemagluttination inhibition (HAI)
  • Plaque reduction
  • Sequencing

BARC laboratories use the latest techniques in molecular biology and develop new tests for a faster result, a higher sensitivity and at a reduced cost, thus enabling customers to access optimal service.

BARC introduces cutting-edge new tests on a regular basis like non-invasive procedures for hepatic fibrosis measurement or host-related genomic tests for stratification of patients with Hepatitis C on the basis of their predictive ability to respond to treatment or to get side effects.

As a consequence of hosting and collaborating with world-class specialists, BARC is able to react very quickly to new infectious threats and to develop new tests in a very short time offering pharmaceutical companies, clinicians, and health authorities a fast and secure diagnosis opportunity. Those technology transfer capabilities are highly valuable in the very fast moving market of virology.

BARC offers all techniques required for optimal detection, quantification and characterization of pathogens:

  • Serology

  • Western blot confirmation

  • Culture and quantification

  • PCR-based techniques for pathogens detections and viral load measurement