Anatomic Pathology & Histology

Anatomic Pathology & Histology

Illustration Anatomic Pathology & Histology

Our pathology department employs highly-skilled and trained technicians equipped with the latest devices for sample preparation (including macro-dissection), tissue staining, immuno-staining and CISH labeling.

In collaboration with the molecular genetics department, our pathologists develop and perform every day the most up to date or current tests to assess the predictive response of patients with cancer to targeted therapies.

All techniques for comprehensive exploration of tumor tissue are available at BARC, from immunohistochemistry to FISH and CGH-array, combined with the expertise of pathologists and clinical pathologists working in close collaboration for integrated and seamless processing ranging from tissue observation in pathology to the most advanced molecular testing.


  • Expertise in pathology for tissue observation and analysis in a wide range of organs and tumor types
  • Collaborations with world class academic experts for very specific topics or difficult cases
  • Extensive experience with multi-institutional clinical trials in oncology and hematology
  • Wide capabilities in immunohistochemistry with a large catalogue of antibodies, either on Dako or Roche (Ventana) platforms
  • Extensive list of FISH probes combined with human expertise in results interpretation
  • Gene expression profiling by RNA extraction and quantitative RT-PCR
  • Molecular genetics (Southtern blot, PCR-QL/QT)
  • CGH array capabilities on tissue specimen
  • Technology transfer skills for integrating custom antibodies in immunohistochemistry or custom probes in FISH
  • Full integration of pathology and molecular biology departments especially for predictive tests of therapeutic success in personalized medicine (e.g. targeted therapies)