Allergology Illustration

BARC’s allergy departments are specialized in diagnosis, treatment follow-up and assessment of complex allergic profiles. 

For example, BARC Europe runs 300,000 tests per year, thus being one of the leading European laboratories for allergy testing. The panel of tests available ranges from screening to precise diagnostic tests:


  • Total IgE assay,
  • Allergen mixtures: respiratory, dietary, pediatric.


  • Individual allergens: serum IgE; over 600 allergens available,
  • Basophil activation tests for drug-related allergies.
  • ImmunoCAP ISAC Phadia® biochip for simultaneous assay of 112 allergenic components in one shot for investigating complex allergenic profiles

Immunotherapy follow-up:

  • Monitoring by specific IgG4 assay.

Food allergies:

  • Specific IgG.

Apart from allergy, BARC developed tests for assessing food intolerance through specific profiles or genetic testing (e.g. lactose intolerance).