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For over 3 decades, BARC Global Central Lab has provided the pharmaceutical and biotech industry with central lab services in routine and specialized testing in a wide range of fields including virology, microbiology, clinical pathology and genetics.

BARC laboratories routinely conduct medical clinical testing, thus ensuring that the tests offered are also performed on a daily basis for diagnostic purposes, patients stratification,  staging, therapeutic indication and follow-up.

Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, BARC medical and scientific experts are specialists in their academic field for delivering more than just testing. At BARC, they act as genuine partners with our customers.  We encourage that our scientists are integrated in our client’s R&D processes,  thus providing a critical advantage in the ever increasing complex setting of clinical trials. 

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The BARC Difference

At BARC, we know that in the fast changing pharmaceutical landscape, central lab services need to be taken to a new dimension.

Competitive markets, such as oncology, focus on test-oriented therapeutics for which clinical pathological expertise is paramount. We endeavor to use all our skills to empower our client’s R&D with a personalized approach:


  • Technology transfer capabilities for fast and efficient implementation of new techniques and assistance to analytical processed industrialization
  • Expert consultancy for choosing the most adapt assays or techniques
  • Unsurpassed experience of the requirements and feasibility of tests in a medical environment, not only during the R&D process but also for companion testing once the product is marketed
  • Rational and pragmatic approach for the selection of test panels and decision trees with clinical oriented added value fitting special requirements 
  • Sample sourcing solutions
  • Inter-techniques or inter-devices evaluation capabilities thanks to our large range of technical platforms

BARC Today

BARC Global Central Laboratory has developed a comprehensive offer ranging from classical safety testing to the most innovative assays in personalized medicine, with a special focus in oncology, vaccines and infectious diseases. 

Having performed central lab work with companies ranging from small biotechs to large pharma, we at BARC emphasize on actively collaborating with our customers to offer a personalized approach based on the understanding of our clients’ needs and on the added value brought by expert consulting thanks to our network of over 200 clinical pathologists & PhDs worldwide.

At BARC, technology transfer is more than a service, it’s a culture. That is why our customers entrust us with the implementation of new assays and techniques into our routine to seamlessly perform their lab work with quality-driven and yet flexible processes.

BARC History

Since its creation, almost three decades ago, BARC has assisted the pharmaceutical industry by delivering quality laboratory data in bringing new drugs to the market.

Incorporation of BARC Global Central Lab as the Central Lab division of CRI laboratory in Ghent, Belgium.
Creation of BARC Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa
Creation of BARC Australia in Sydney, Australia
Creation of BARC USA in Long Island, NY, USA
BARC joins Cerba European Lab
BARC Global Central Lab open new facilities in Shanghai, China
Creation of a partnership with SRL Medisearch in Tokyo, Japan
Cerba European Lab becomes Cerba HealthCare

Executive Management

The entire executive management team at BARC is focused on offering innovative global solutions to our valued partners. They are committed to deliver on their promise through continuous investment in the latest technologies and scientific know how. In the competitive market environment of today BARC’s management understands the importance of being pro-active in our approach to achieve success. BARC’s core business of providing central lab services for more then 3 decades has helped advance our sponsors drugs to the market faster.


A word from our CEO:

Over the years central laboratory work has become more demanding and its complexity has dramatically increased. At BARC Central Labs our efforts have always been focused on improving our scientific and technical solutions. This philosophy allows us to be at the forefront of industry standards and deliver the highest quality product at competitive prices.

We strongly believe in developing a long term relationship with our customers in order to succeed in an increasingly regulated and complex environment when conducting clinical trials.  Central lab work is no longer a simple outsourced task, but often the cornerstone of your scientific programs. BARC emphasizes hands on leadership and project management in order to meet your scientific and clinical trial needs.

We have developed a number of new tools to help you being successful with your projects: this new website is an example, our revamped CTMS also, designed to allow you to keep the finger on the pulse of your global trials.

We want to help you scientifically and technically to stay at the forefront, while monitoring your needs of today and tomorrow. 

As a strong commitment, we have added a new signature to everything we do: BARC, Your Solution-Driven Partner. We want to be able to design together with you and for your new projects creative solutions. Let’s explore together the future and its potentials.

Sincerely yours,

M. Papillon


BARC is part of Cerba HealthCare

Cerba HealthCare is a European leader in clinical pathology ranging from first intention to highly specialized tests including central laboratory facilities for clinical trials.

Cerba HealthCare reflects the synergy of Laboratoire Cerba specialized laboratory, founded in 1967, with over 90 local clinical pathology laboratories serving a population of millions inhabitants.

With its 1,800 collaborators focused on the same goal for providing patients, physicians and pharmaceutical companies with the best healthcare service, Cerba HealthCare is highly involved in setting up the most demanding quality standards worldwide.

Cerba HealthCare’s global presence also develops through the EMEA and Asian markets with representatives meeting the same quality standards.

Learn more about Cerba HealthCare group by clicking here.